In The Futures, Emily Lambert, senior writer at Forbes magazine, tells us the rich and dramatic history of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Chicago Board of Trade, which together comprised the original, most bustling futures market in the world. She details the emergence of the futures business as a kind of meeting place for gamblers and farmers and its subsequent transformation into a sophisticated electronic market where contracts are traded at lightning-fast speeds. Lambert also details the disastrous effects of Wall Street’s adoption of the futures contract without the rules and close-knit social bonds that had made trading it in Chicago work so well. Ultimately Lambert argues that the futures markets are the real “free” markets and that speculators, far from being mere parasites, can serve a vital economic and social function given the right architecture. The traditional futures market, she explains, because of its written and cultural limits, can serve as a useful example for how markets ought to work and become a tonic for our current financial ills.

DiSC Personality Profiles

If you run a business and you want to understand people better, whether they are your clients or your staff, knowing their personality may have great impact on your business.  You will know how to communicate better and make nearly everything work out better for you.  However, before attempting to evaluate the personality of others through the DiSC Personality Profile, you first need to take the test yourself.

Basically, the DiSC Profile testing involved is very simple as it is simply a Disc behavior assessment.  Nevertheless, it is proving to be quite effective in identifying the personalities that individuals belong to.  While we are very proud of our personalities because we think that they are uniquely our own, through the DiSC Personality Profile though it is different as individual personalities are only characterized by the letters the profile test represents – Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientious.  While these personality traits can be mixed and combined, they are basically the four profiles each of our personalities belongs to.

Dominance – these are the people who are focused on accomplishing things and are results oriented.  Although not exactly good leaders, they tend to be more productive with work and are also aggressive and competitive.

Influence – these are the people who are focused into building good relationships with others, either customers, colleagues, or those under them.  These people are good leaders as well as good sellers because they are both enthusiastic and persuasive.

Steadiness – these are the people who are dependable and can work better cooperatively.  They are the ideal employees because they are loyal and dependable and are good listeners.

Conscientious – these are the people who are after quality, accuracy, and quality.  They are ideal team leaders, managers, or direct assistants because they are systematic, organized, and detailed.

Once you are able to identify on which category a person belongs, you are able to interact with them much better because you try to understand their personality and not try to clash with them.  However, since all of us have mixed profiles, the thing that makes us unique and unpredictable, knowing how to properly identify the trait of a person may help in dealing with them much better.  Essentially, for employees, this is also their particular trait that makes them go up the ladder of progress within their work career.  As a boss, it is up to you to identify them.